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    As we age, we all receive sun damage to our skin, especially around our face, neck, chest, and hands. Over time, this begins to manifest itself in a variety of ways, such as brown and red discolorations, fine lines, and other conditions. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) photo rejuvenation is an effective and convenient treatment designed to improve damaged skin.

    With nearly two decades’ worth of treatments worldwide, IPL has become the gold-standard treatment for a broad range of cosmetic applications. If you’ve become concerned about tiny red blood vessels on the surface of your skin, flushing, or dark spots adding years to your appearance, perhaps it’s time to consider the wonderful benefits of Intense Pulsed Light therapy.

    IPL therapy is a non-invasive treatment that utilizes photo rejuvenation, a process that successfully reduces the appearance of sun damage, age spots or sun-induced freckles, broken capillaries, varicose veins, and numerous other cosmetic imperfections, including the flushing commonly associated with rosacea and general dyschromia. In a 10-year study by Stanford University, IPL treatments have been shown to activate anti-aging processes within the skin.

    Many patients come into the office to seek treatment for hyperpigmentation, which can be removed by the process of photo rejuvenation.

    The Cynosure Icon with a Max-G handpiece is perhaps the best IPL device available, which is why we opt to use it for our treatments. Only the Cynosure Icon has the patented Skintel Meter, designed to read the amount of melanin in a patient’s skin and then adjust the setting to the proper wavelength. This assures our patients are receiving the safest and most effective IPL treatment that no other system can duplicate.

    In addition, it offers a multi-modality IPL and laser platform for versatility and delivers light across a wide array of wavelengths. This means we can achieve an overall revitalized result.

    IPL works by shining a broadband of wavelengths of light into the skin which can be customized to selectively target different structures in the skin, such as a pigmented freckle or unwanted blood vessel. This allows treatments to be tailored to each individual’s skin type and cosmetic concerns.

    Perhaps the best parts of the IPL treatments are that they’re extremely affordable and require no recovery or downtime which are major advantages when comparing it to surgical procedures, ablative treatments, or chemical peels.

    Patients have likened the sensation of the pulsed light to a tiny snap of a rubber band. Because of this, anesthetic is rarely needed.

    One session shouldn’t take longer than 20 minutes to complete. It’s so quick and convenient that patients can even come in for treatment during their lunch break at work and return to the office without disrupting the day at all. Our skilled practitioners apply a thin layer of cooling gel to the skin before beginning the pulsed light treatment.

    In some cases, patients may experience slight redness in the treated areas, but it should be gone within an hour or two after the procedure is completed.

    To maximize the results of the therapy, patients are recommended to come in for multiple sessions spaced out about one month apart.

    For more information about intense pulsed light therapy, contact our office to set up a consultation at 239-947-3223.

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