Chin Augmentation | Chin Implant Plastic Surgery by Dr. Casey

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    Cosmetic Facial Surgery: Chin Augmentation/ Genioplasty

    Many Casey Cosmetic Surgery patients seek surgery to improve the appearance of their chin especially those with a small, hypoplastic chin due to a deficit of the mental tubercle and surrounding bone. Dr. Casey performs chin augmentation with a bone incision called an osteotomy or by inserting a small synthetic implant over the natural bone. This significantly improves the contours of the chin, neck and jawline in order to achieve facial harmony. A well-defined jawline structure is the cornerstone of a balanced attractive face, male or female.

    The operation can also greatly enhance the results of a face lift, since loss of chin projection may occur with aging. Chin augmentation is also commonly combined with facial liposuction, where fat is removed from under the chin and from the neck.

    A small incision is made either underneath the chin or inside the mouth. A sterile implant, similar to the consistency of a more regularly chistled chin, is placed in front of the bone to increase the projection of the chin. The implant is secured and the incision is sutured closed. Alternatively, a bony osteotomy may be performed, and the chin and soft tissues are advanced to create facial balance and a natural, improved appearance.


    What To Expect From Chin Augmentation

    Some swelling and bruising can be expected and usually subsides within the first 1 – 2 weeks. A tape of elastic dressing may be recommended for a period of time. Mild discomfort is usually easily controlled with prescribed medications by Dr. Casey. After the swelling, you’ll discover a more defined jaw line!

    After healing, the skin drapes smoothly over the implants. The implants themselves conform to the bone and are undetectable. The added projection of the chin results in significant improvement which is especially apparent in your profile. Patients love the way they look – and feel!

    Ask Dr. Casey about the full facial rejuvenation when performing a chin augmentation that may include brow lift, neck lift or CO2 laser skin treatment. Call for a complimentary consultation today at 239-947-FACE (3223).

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