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    Body Cosmetic Surgery

    At Casey Cosmetic Surgery, we offer reconstructive surgery and body contouring procedures that complement each patients unique features to help restore their youthful appearance, rejuvenate the skin, and redefine their body’s contours. At your consultation, the doctors will evaluate your health history and discuss your overall goals to determine what procedure will give you the desired outcome.

    All cosmetic surgery procedures for the body are performed at our fully accredited Joint Commission surgery center in Southwest Florida.

    Whether you have concerns about sagging skin on your stomach, arms or thighs, or you’re looking to target those stubborn areas of fat, our cosmetic surgeons are here to address the issues and prepare a plan of action.

    Cosmetic surgeons often refer to a number of procedures that rejuvenate, add tone, revitalize and reshape the body as “body contouring”.  Many of our patients seek body contouring after weight loss or pregnancy to tighten their arms, abs, thighs or buttocks. Common body contouring procedures include:

      • Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)
      • Body Lift
      • Butt Lift
      • Liposuction
      • Thigh Lift

    In addition to these common body contouring procedures, Dr. Murtagh specializes in calf implants, gluteal implants, Brazilian Butt Lift, breast reduction for men, fat transfer, labiaplasty, pectoral implants and scar revision.

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