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    Cheek and Malar Augmentation

    The skin over the face is analogous to a drape. The shape of the face is determined by the underlying skeletal framework. In some individuals, this framework may not be as pronounced and appear to have a flattened face or small, recessed chin.

    Dr. Greg Casey performs surgical cheek enhancement intended to highlight or emphasize the cheekbones, creating a more proportioned and balanced facial appearance. Older patients with sunken cheeks can achieve a fuller, youthful look with surgical cheek enhancements, and younger patients can achieve a look with stronger, more defined cheekbones. Facial implants will be added to the facial skeleton to accentuate the areas of the cheek bone, chin, nose, and angle of the lower jaw. These skeletal augmentations re-drape and tighten the skin of the face to provide a more healthy and defined appearance.

    The surgery takes 1 to 2 hours and is performed in our state-of-the-art operating room under deep sedation or general anesthesia. Strenuous activities should be avoided for three weeks after the surgery. The patients will be advised to avoid consumption of aspirin for three weeks before and a week after surgery.

    Full Facial Rejuvenation

    Many patients explore the option of complementing their cheek enhancement with a brow lift, laser resurfacing or fat transfer/dermal fillers at the same time this surgery is done.

    With Dr. Casey’s expert techniques in cosmetic surgery, he can achieve spectacular results for a full facial rejuvenation. We have offices in Bonita Springs / North Naples, Marco Island, and Fort Myers. Call for a complimentary consultation at 239-947-FACE (3223).

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