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    Ear Surgery / Otoplasty

    Otoplasty (shaping of the ear) is designed to correct deformed or protruding ears. Many adults experience issues with protruding ears and no matter how you wear your hair, nothing will help. Dr. Greg Casey has extensive training in corrective cosmetic surgery that will flawlessly and completely improve this issue.

    The result of otoplasty is immediate, often dramatic, and very rewarding to our patients. The multiple elements of this surgery include external ear (pinna), which is remolded by placing small incisions behind the ear, then reshaping or trimming of the cartilage to define how and where the ear bends. Placing the ear in the proper aesthetic position achieves natural balance between the various elements of the ear. The patient wears a snug-fitting bandage for 24 hours, which is then removed and replaced with a headband to support the healing ears. This band is worn continuously for five to seven days and then at night for six weeks.

    Otoplasty is usually performed under sedation with local anesthesia and takes less than two hours to complete. Post-operative discomfort is usually minimal.

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